At Founders Fest 2017 in Grand Rapids, MI, a small group of friends decided to play a game of People Watching Bingo (a game invented by Jen and Jill while working for a year at various music festivals).

The first card was simple and the game proved to be fun and difficult turning a long day of music and beverages into a purposeful scavenger hunt of laughter and chance.

The next game was held at 80/35 later in July with a larger group of nine friends, each with a different card. Again, it was entertaining and difficult.

After the two events, the original foursome decided to establish Party People Bingo as a real game and produce the cards for free while offering specialty to purchase. We are currently working on an app for the game so you can play on your phones.

Happy Party People Bingo’ng and we hope you win the game!

Celebrating your uniqueness!
Jen, Jill, Jenn and Don

Don’t forget to get your two free cards to start playing today!